A meeting is an important event often linked to a presentation. From a meeting may arise big business and great friendships works, definitely a good presentation also provides a certain success, Kristel car is not only elegance and stage presence, just like a scene everything has to be in the right place.
A meeting should have the same characteristics of a wedding ceremony, the guests all dressed carefully selected, that’s why Kistel car has developed a project called MEETING – LIMOUSINE – BUSINESS, practically a mobile office where you can host your customers or guests comfortably and conclude your business using your car route as a trip in a limousine. You can take advantage of the mini bar for a drink while you work, Kristel car is ready for you.
If you have concluded a big deal Limousine, it could become a place of inspiration and ralax at the same time.
In case of a request of the car only, you can be accompanied to a Meeting using the service of transport.