Born from a passion for cars and historical details, Kristel car, boasts of an experience gained in the United States, where the particularity of the car is on the agenda, and the same Kristel car, he wanted to propose a small reality in Italy.
We are passionate about so much that the name Kristel is  the result of a dream pursued over the years.

We rely on experience and professionalism, to offer the best customer service, offering the comfort suitable for any eventuality or ceremony, our cars are fully cured in every aspect of aesthetics and visual detail, always neat and shiny especially. If we wanted to use a term more appropriate, our cars would be displayed at a jewelry store, like diamonds and Kristallo.

“I Have a Dream” are the words used by Martin Luther King,

Well, Mr. Cucchiara has a dream, to revive an unforgettable moment, taking a cue from this will to give the customer a space out of the ordinary, and Kristel car, contribute to your idea by making it possible, but especially surreal.
Our goal is to make possible every request received, even putting our own, our cars will be just a means of transportation, while our service will be your most beautiful memory.
In addition to allow all those who will be accommodated in our Excalibur Limousine will be lent a refreshment service through our on-board catering or bar service on the go.
You just need to contact us, we’ll do the rest.

kristel forbes

The car rental kristel has decided to take this new reality, thinking about doing things in style, thanks to the experience gained so much in the United States, and to make a true American movie, the car kristel has transformed a real stretch limousines, like the Excalibur in a true mobile office using the comfort of the car itself and offering customers a little taste of big deal.

Do you want to make an appointment? Come to visit us in the office, ops … in the car, and begins to experience the feeling of a true VIP sitting comfortably on the sofa of the limo and maybe tasting a good wine to welcome our guests and potential customers. Our first principle is treat the customer like a friend of ours and make him feel at ease, you just have to try it to believe it, the rest are all talk andas he said a famous quote from a famous movie:
let yourself be carried away by the imagination for once and Kristel car do you not gonna ‘regret.

Kristel car …  we begin where the reason ends.

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